Shepherd’s Hook

Add outdoor décor anywhere

A flexible, portable solution

Shepherd’s Hook eliminates the need for damaging nails or hardware on your home or garage. Add, relocate and remove easily with each season. Learn more…

About Ground Auger Products

Ground Auger lawn and garden products, featuring the revolutionary Corkscrew Integrated Handle and Auger, are the no-fuss solution to the challenge of mounting poles into hard-packed soil.

Made of powder-coated cold-rolled steel for extreme durability, Ground Auger products feature a twist-in, twist-out design and are the easy way to add decorative, functional pieces to any lawn or garden.

Popular Products

Bird Feeder/House

Flexible feeding and housing

Easily twists in and out of ground

The Bird Feeder/House offers a flexible solution for feeding and housing birds in yards or gardens. Simply mount feeder/house to platform. Pole design deters squirrels and other predators from reaching feeder/house. Learn more…

Hose Organizer

Neatly organize hoses

Eliminate wear and tear

Hose Organizer makes it easy to store unsightly hoses in a neat and orderly way. Increase safety and prolong hose life while saving time and money. Learn more…