No-Fuss Solution

Featuring a revolutionary CorkScrew Integrated Handle and Auger. No tools needed. One person to operate. Ground Auger’s integrated handle and auger screws into the ground easily.

Tool-Free Placement

Ground Auger eliminates the frustration of placement in hard, packed soil or the headache of pounding mounting poles in with a rock or hammer, as well as smashed fingers or bloody knuckles.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Ground Auger engineers quality, durable &reliable products. So, if your auger has any issues simply return it to our warranty center and we’ll replace it or offer you a refund.

Twist-in, Twist-out!

Every Ground Auger product has an integrated handle that allows you to easily twist the Ground Auger into the ground.

Ground Auger lawn and garden products, featuring the revolutionary CorkScrew Integrated Handle and Auger™, are the no-fuss solution to the challenge of mounting poles into hard-packed soil.

Made of powder-coated cold-rolled steel for extreme durability, Ground Auger lawn and garden products feature a twist-in, twist-out design and are the easy way to add decorative, functional pieces to any yard or garden.