I used the Ground Augers for Mojo Decoys the past week in North Dakota – where the wind always blows! Actually one day we had in excess of 20MPH winds and our Mojo Decoys never tipped over! Whether we used them in the water or on land – never an issue of the decoy falling over – solid as a rock! The turkey decoy stakes worked equally as well when we hunted in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Minnesota with our Avian X Turkey Decoys. One problem I always had with my full fan turkey decoy was in wind – it the extra full fan made it hard for my decoy to not tip over! No problem with the Ground Auger Turkey Decoy Stakes! My turkey decoys stood tall and proud even in wind! And never slipped up when the birds were coming in to gun range!
We hunt mallards and big Canadas on the North Platte River, on private lakes as well as in fields in far western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming The Ground Auger decoy poles are without question the best idea ever for spinning wing and flapping decoys. They are not only easy to put up but most importantly they are unbelievably strong. They hold fast in current and high winds. I have always wanted to place spinners and flapping decoys in deeper water but was limited by the conventional 3-pice pole. The Ground Auger 8’ poles allow me to place spinners as deep as I want. I utilize the 4’, 8’ and 11’ poles at all of my hunt locations. I am really looking forward to using the ‘mini cam stake” for my GoPros in the decoys as well as in front of the blinds and pits. It will give my hunters a unique perspective on their hunts. I highly recommend giving them a try. You won’t be disappointed.
Jason ‘JJ’ Randolph, WyoBraska Waterfowl
“Staking out the Mojo Dove decoy in the Tough Texas Tundra…. what used to be a nightmare for me is now a piece of cake! These Decoy Stakes by #GroundAugerHuntingSolutions make my life so much easier!!”
“I have had the chance to use the pole a lot on the river here. My main hunting is migration spreads on large water that I want to be as visible as possible. The 5’-11’ Mad Mallard Auger Pole that I purchased from you enables me to get a great stable base in the loose river sand and still have my Lucky Duck 8’+ in the air. The quality of the product is excellent, overall it is a great tool to use.”