Ground Auger Poles

Ground Auger offers you the world's best solutions for securely anchoring your hunting gear. Ground Auger eliminates the frustration of placement in hard packed soil or the headache of pounding mounting poles in with a rock or hammer. Ground Auger also does away with smashed fingers or bloody knuckles. Every Ground Auger product has an integrated handle and corkscrew like auger that allows you to easily twist the Ground Auger into the ground. At the end of your hunt Ground Auger removal is just a twist. Ground Auger Anchors your gear, twist-in, twist-out! Perfect accessory for your Mojo Decoys or Lucky Duck Decoys. View Products.


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We are proud to be involved with the following hunting TV shows.

Chuck Paddock of Open Season

Chuck Paddock – Open Season TV

I have finally found the solution for ground blind hunting in the central plains and out west. Ground Auger stakes for blinds are hands-down the best thing I have ever used, and now they have a bow holder! These two items are a deadly combination.


Clay Belding

Clay Belding – Dead Dog Walkin’

When you are hunting the smartest predators on the planet, you need every advantage you can get! The Predator Stake gets your call up off the ground and make the sound crisp, and clean, drawing them right into your lap.



Chad Tiringer – Larson Lake Outfitters

For years, we have fought getting stakes into dry, hard and frozen ground, causing extensive damage to them. We were actually quite amazed with the simplicity of getting these stakes into the ground; it takes no effort at all! Simple and durable and at a great price!

Scott Butz – Reel Wings Decoy Co.

Ground Auger Hunting Solutions has taken care of a waterfowlers’ biggest issue: frozen and hard ground. This is by far the best base and stake system on the market.

Mark Coin – Down & Dirty Outdoors

Without a doubt, Ground Auger stakes have saved me not only time, but money as well. No more lost blinds. No more looking for the perfect tree to hang my trail camera. No more busted decoy stakes. And the list truly does go on and on. A true American product that’s built right and it works absolutely every time.

James Blankenbeckler – Open Season TV

I find some of my biggest bucks in the hardest-to-hunt spots. The Trail Camera Pole by Ground Auger Hunting Solutions has allowed me to monitor deer in spots with no trees or places to mount a camera to. The auger system makes putting it in the hard, dry dirt a breeze, and I never worry about cows and other animals knocking it over or moving it. It has helped me pattern and harvest my biggest bucks and has become a must-have in my hunting arsenal. I just wish is found this product earlier!

Clark Dixon Syndicate Hunting

Ground Auger Hunting Solutions’ new auger Trail Camera Pole allows me to place my game cameras at the perfect height and location, regardless of where I am hunting. It is one piece of gear that is a must-have when scouting for big game.


Jason Patterson

Jason Patterson  Hunting

Jason Patterson is the Mossy Oak Waterfowl Regional Pro Staff Manager for the Mississippi Flyway. We are proud to have Jason apart of the Ground Auger Team.

Jason grew up in the hills and vast cornfields of southern Indiana, where he cut his teeth on hunting whitetails. At the age of 20, Jason moved to western Tennessee where he learned the ways of waterfowl hunting at its finest. Ever since the first day Jason went duck hunting, it has been a passion for him. His trips to Kentucky Lake, Reelfoot, and the many flooded backwaters in Tennessee fuel that passion. Jason competes in various meat calling competitions around the area where he lives.

Jason writes various outdoor related articles covering fishing, hunting, and how to articles for regional publications, including Jason is an operations manager for a local trucking terminal. He has two sons, Oakley and Devin and his wife Kim. They all enjoy spending time together in the outdoors. In the off-season, Jason is usually found competing in Bass Tournaments on Kentucky Lake and chasing turkeys around the hills of west TN.