Anchor your motion decoys in any terrain with a Mad Mallard Pole. Made of 3/8” solid steel, the auger guarantees a secure and confident placement. A multi-purpose cam lock head accepts most spinning wing decoys without tools, adapters or attachments, and reduces rattling and noise.

Hunting in deep water or need more height for extra visibility?  Two adjustable models offer extra length with an easy push-button feature to extend from 4 to 8 feet, or 5 to 11 feet tall.

All Mad Mallard poles work with most major brands of spinning wing decoys like Mojo Outdoors and Lucky Duck Decoys. Our auger poles also work great for dove and pigeon hunting, too!

  • Mad Mallard 4′
  • Mad Mallard 4′ – 8′ Extendable
  • Mad Mallard 5′ – 11′ Extendable
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Waterfowl Mad Mallard Auger Pole