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Ground Auger offers you the world's best solutions for securely anchoring your hunting gear. Ground Auger eliminates the frustration of placement in hard packed soil or the headache of pounding mounting poles in with a rock or hammer. Ground Auger also does away with smashed fingers or bloody knuckles. Every Ground Auger product has an integrated handle and corkscrew like auger that allows you to easily twist the Ground Auger into the ground. At the end of your hunt Ground Auger removal is just a twist. Ground Auger Anchors your gear, twist-in, twist-out! Perfect accessory for your Mojo Decoys or Lucky Duck Decoys. View Products.

Open Season TV Review of the Ground Auger Trailcam Pole

///Open Season TV Review of the Ground Auger Trailcam Pole

Open Season TV Review of the Ground Auger Trailcam Pole

“Weather you’re out west hunting a waterhole for antelope and don’t have any place to put your trail camera, or in the Midwest and you got a bean field with no trees around but you know there are big bucks in it, make sure you check out”

James Blankenveckler, host of Open Season Tv gives a great review of the Ground Auger Trail Camera pole. James highlights some of great features that make it the best trail camera pole on the market.

Open Season Television reviewed our Ground Auger Trail Cam Pole, and highlights the auger system, making it better than any other Trail Camera Pole on the market.

Open Season Television is a family-oriented program bringing you the best in hunting and fishing from around the world. Open Season TV Pro-Staff team travels far and wide to capture superior hunting and fishing adventures in the highest-quality video.

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